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One of the ways that Calgary SEO services can benefit your company, is via the careful generation of qualified, quality link-backs. Link-backs are when other websites include a link to your website in their own content. This may occur because someone wrote a blog post about the product you sell, and they linked directly to that product on your website. A link-back may occur when someone shares your content with someone else on a social network such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etcetera.

 Matt Cutts Discusses The Impact Of One Page Sites For SEO:

The trick is ensuring that the link-backs that get generated, are not being done so in a manner that disqualifies your site from the first couple pages on Google. In years past, the easiest way to generate link-backs was to add your site URL to link farms. Some of those link farms allowed you to add your URL several times a day and it was a challenge to be seen on their first page, let alone in the search engines. These days however, if you use a link farm to generate your link-backs, you will be penalized! Google frowns on the use of link farms now.

Healthy link-backs are generated by first having decent, usable, quality human-readable content on your site. When you write content that makes people want to share it, then your rankings in the search engines will receive a boost. Calgary SEO companies such as Think Tank SEO are available to assist you in building the kind of content that people will want to share. Virility online is the new “word of mouth” on the street! Richard, the SEO head specialist at Think Tank SEO is willing to meet with you anywhere in Calgary to help you learn how to jump start your website’s online virility and get those link-backs happening. Website popularity remains an active part of Google’s algorithms, so be sure you learn or hire someone that can create that popularity wisely.

Calgary SEO Specialist Richard Conover