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Calgary based search engine optimization companies that provides high end Calgary SEO services that handle a broad range of search engine optimization tasks, questions, analysis, and training. One of the tasks that they must keep up-to-date on, is the ever-changing world of Google algorithms. With the rise of voice-activated devices, Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and other voice-related services, the need for search engines to start handling natural queries successfully is changing how search engines present your website.Experienced and qualified team of realtors, serve you with Homes for Sale in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. Best Homes for Sale in ur listings, to check our listings visit
Natural queries are different animals from the traditionally typed-in search terms. They contain those search terms, but in ways that your average search engine might not otherwise understand. was the first search engine to attempt providing answers to natural language queries. Such as, “how would I find the closest Calgary crane or H&H”  They remained at the forefront of this particular method of searching for some time, but now Google has jumped on board over the past year with a major overhaul to their system. Now you can type your question into Google search and have it come back with reasonably accurate results.

Matt Cutts Discusses Links and Quality Links:

Link building has always been the cornerstone of any SEO program.  I would count myself as a post-penguin SEO.  Before the Google Penguin update you could get away with all sorts of dubious link building strategies and absolutely  crush it.
Pre-penguin you could get an exact match domain and then use an automated software to link the hell out of the site with garbage links and not even really worry too much about varying the anchor text.  You could be super straight forward and blunt about your approach and your site would be number one in a few months.  After the Penguin update rolled out so many sites were decimated.  I personally had three sites that were being optimized by another company get completely de-indexed.  After that I knew I had to learn SEO for myself and not rely on others.  Within a year I had taken my old business, EMethod, to fourth place for SEO Calgary  and seventh for Calgary Web Design.  For this reason I think of myself as a post-penguin SEO.  If you are looking for a great site to find houses for sale in Calgary please visit

 Matt Cutts Talks About Penguin 2.0:

Those results however, are directly based on what you as the owner of your website, include in your website’s content. In 2014, this author became aware of a term that will greatly enhance the chances of your website coming up in natural language searches. This term is called, “long-tail keywords”. Long-tail keywords differ from your standard keywords in that they often are phrases like calgary optometry typically contain more than three words. It used to be that you were to limit your keywords to only one or two words and optimize for those words in your content. However, if you want to get decent ranking in natural language queries, it is time to rethink that strategy. It is time to get more conversational about how your keywords are constructed and how they are utilized in your ranking strategy. If you are looking for an experience Calgary mortgage broker give Josh Tagg a call or up in Fort McMurray Mortgage Brokers Jodi Whahlen is the best.  Long-tail keywords that flow naturally into conversation will show up best in natural language search queries.

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